Controls & Components Dept.

  • Electric & Electronic Controls
  • HVAC&R Parts & Components
  • Industrial Laser System
  • Machine Tools for Heat Exchanger

Promoting global business

This department, characterized by its active trading function, deals in functional parts and components, mostly demanded in the HVAC&R industries, by means of import and export.

Starting from aggressive technical proposals, Shinwa Corporation offers a wide variety of parts and components mostly used in home, industrial and automotive HVAC&R appliances, such as safety devices, controls and functional parts like valves and compressors, to meet diversified needs in each industry.

Since more and more Japanese companies have entered into various overseas countries in this globalization age, we are prepared to source any low-cost high-quality commodities and materials from overseas suppliers and deliver them directly to those Japanese customer's local factories through the supply channels within our trading function.

We also deal in laser marking systems for semiconductor, food, precision and automotive industries.

Global partnership

"Tight and reliable relationship with customers"

In order to make the best of the trading function of this department, all staff members are always trying to collect as much information as possible wherever they go on business. They utilize the collected information in common so as to be able to deal with any issue as a team.

With flexibility in mind and promptness in action, we are always ready to go anywhere domestic or abroad so as to quickly respond to the customer's requirements. Even when a simple piece of part is requested, we start the deal from making a technical proposal because it is the only way for us to obtain credit and confidence of customers.

Even a small step ahead would results in a big advance if repeated one after another. This is our way of business to deepen the mutual confidence with our customers.