Plant Engineering Products & Systems Dept.

  • Intake Air Filter System for Gas Turbine
  • Air Filters for Industrial Plant
  • Air Filters for Nuclear Applications
  • Industrial Silencers
  • Air Cooling System
  • Inlet / Exhaust Ducts
  • Acoustical Insulation

Proposing clean industrial activities

This department deals in the intake air filter systems for gas-turbine thermal power plants and petrochemical plants, and specific air purification systems essential to nuclear applications. We can offer not only a single filtration system but also a total system including air-inlet/exhaust systems, silencers, air coolers and so on. Our engineering capabilities together with our past supplies have been highly appreciated both in the domestic and overseas markets.

For the nuclear industry, we supplied the first nuclear power plant in Japan with our air purification system in 1969. Since then, we have supplied a number of products such as air inlet & ventilation system, HEPA filters and charcoal filters to various nuclear power plants and facilities.

As Japanese engineering firms, major customers for this department, expands their business in the overseas markets these years, our supplies into those markets are increasing year by year.

Ideas to support energy

"Powerful idea"

We can propose various satisfactory products and systems according to our past supplies and present engineering capabilities supported by our extensive experiences.

Cross communication in Shinwa Corporation enables all staff members to share a piece of experience by each, which in turn enables each member to deal flexibly with any requirement from customers and plan out a powerful idea.

Our strongest point is that we can properly verify all the conditions given from customers and determine the most appropriate technical proposal. Please count on our powerful ideas which have already been materialized in both domestic and overseas markets.