Air Pollution Control Products & Systems Dept.

  • Dry Type Dust Collectors
  • Wet Type Dust Collectors
  • Deodorizing System

A pioneer of environmental pollution control

This department started to deal in dust collectors in 1960s prior to the times when the environmental pollution became a public issue, and has been a pioneer specialized in the environmental pollution control.

Shinwa Corporation has supplied a number of air pollution control products and systems, mostly of bag-filter design, to major steel mills, chemical plants and cement plants. We are proud to say that we have been helping the pollution-free development of these key industries in Japan.

At anytime when it becomes necessary for our customer to meet new environmental regulations or to repair or remodel their facilities for improving the productivity or product performance, we are prepared to co-work with them even from the planning stage and help find a design solution on the basis of our rich know-how and engineering capabilities.

Besides, we also deal in those products and systems necessary to form a closed recycling circle in our society, such as a deodorizing system inevitable in a waste or sewage treatment plant.

Protecting the environment

"Partner needed by customers"

All staff members are always dealing together with customer's changing needs, and try to make a unique proposal worked out of our rich experiences and high engineering capabilities.

As Shinwa Corporation deals directly with any issue in each job, starting from its design stage and through the site installation up to the maintenance after installation, we can find out the best answer responsibly. To be successful, it is essential to get interested in any change in various conditions.

Satisfactory work and high reliability are the result of our continuous and consistent involvement in each job through our key-man system. Close relationship with customers together with our tight teamwork in Shinwa Corporation ensures the above.